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New furnaces in stock, available



THE Benchmark for all sintering furnaces! 3 SiC heating rods as well as the latest software guarantee precise and reproducable sintering results for your reconstructions of zirconium oxide. Just download your desired sintering programs directly from the DEKEMA database and you're ready to go! This furnace is available for  CHF 15'990 + VAT. First installation, delivery installation in the lab and tutoring are included in the price, . After sales demands will be met within 24 hours!


AUSTROMAT 624i special edition 50 yearsDEKEMA model n° 02/50

DEKEMA has launched a limited series of 50 furnaces held all in black matte and with new logo. A real stunner! This second of 50 furnaces is now available at DDS!  It will be yours for CHF 11'464.00 + VAT. The vacuum pump is included. First come, first served.


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