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DDS holds a vast stock of original DEKEMA spare parts. We deliver heating rods, thermocouples and sintering accessories within 24h upon your request!
We offer competent service and repairs of the following AUSTROMAT models:

Austromat 3001

Austromat M

Austromat 3001 press-i-dent

Austromat 345 press-i-dent

Austromat D4

Austromat D4 press

Austromat 424

Austromat 624 + 624i

Austromat 644

Austromat 654 press-i-dent

Austromat 654i

Austromat 674 + 674i

Austromat 664 + 664i

Austromat mSiC            Austromat baSiC           Austromat 220


AUSTROMAT, 624i, 654i, 664i, 674i are registered tademarks of the manufacturing company DEKEMA

Consulting in dental technique

Need advice for fitting attachment-spare parts or solutions for replacement of non functional attachments? Need advice for case-planning of removable dental restorations? Then do not hesitate to contact us




Translation services

We offer translations for dental businesses from English into German or French and vice-versa. Rapid, exact and simple.

Prices in € on request

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