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second hand equipment                                

Secondhand? Currently, we have 3 used DEKEMA furnaces for sale.

AUSTROMAT 654 press-i-dent
Combi-furnace for pressing and firing dental ceramic compounds. Vacuum pump included. Needs no compressed air!

Tested by DDS. New heating muffle.

Sale on customers demand!

CHF 6'500.00 + VAT

DSC_0201 (2).JPG

Firing furnace, including vacuum pump,
tested by DDS, works well, comes with new heating element, new AC block, firing table and lift-table.

CHF 3'750.00 + VAT

DSC_0113 (2).JPG
AUSTROMAT 3001 press-i-dent

Combined furnace for firing and pressing, including vacuum pump. Tested by DDS, works well

CHF 2'990.00 + VAT

Our used furnaces are all tested and where necesary, fitted with new spare parts. Therefore, they are ready for use, which includes the peripheral vacuum pumps. We offer a guarantee of 3 months from delivery. Wear parts such as heatingelements and thermocouples are not included in the guarantee. Shipping costs are extra and depending on the destinations.

DDS Dörfler Dental Service GmbH

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